Mineral sector must go deep, says head of school (CBC News Sudbury – March 26, 2015)


Bruce Jago says province should look to deep mining as it updates plans for mineral sector

The province needs to invest in deep mining research and techniques as it looks to update its plans for the mineral sector, according to the head of the Goodman School of Mines in Sudbury.

Bruce Jago says deep mining is the future of the industry, and the best place to find concentrated mineral deposits. “I’m really on the exploration side of things, and I believe in it. I think it’s an amazing industry and one where a lot of good things can happen,” Jago said.

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines has been asking for input as it prepares to renew its Mineral Development Strategy, which was first introduced in 2006.

Jago says the government also needs to develop an overall infrastructure plan to connect mining exploration sites, and bring modern living to isolated areas so they can share in economic growth.

“If they start working on a grand policy for it, they’ll get there. There certainly is a need for it. And I think if they consult with both First Nation communities and industry, they’ll get pointed in the right direction pretty quickly,” he said. Comments on the mineral sector can be submitted until May 8 through the province’s environmental registry.

The ministry hosted a series of workshops aimed at the industry and members of the public in March, and will host meetings aimed at the Aboriginal community across northern Ontario through April. A final pair of meetings is slated for early May in Toronto.

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