Monday January 26th, 2015

TGR Rail Canada is proud to confirm that it is moving forward with a proposal to negotiate a deal to finance build and operate a 410 km railway to the Ring of Fire from Moosonee on James Bay with the Mushkegowuk Council. The visionary Mushkegowuk Council, on behalf of their people, are reviewing the concept of a First Nations owned infrastructure corridor through their territory that will include high power hydro lines, an access road and a railway. The Mushkegowuk, with the support of TGR Rail Canada, have also identified the potential future location for a James Bay deep sea port to service the Ring of Fire mining companies.

“These guys are different,” said Grand Chief Martin. “They don’t want to talk about treaties. They said they need land to lease from us, all they need to know is how much we want for it.” TGR Rail confirms that the Mushkegowuk will have a significant ownership position in the new Ring of Fire Railway. The James Bay area First Nation will also benefit when the construction service road built for the new railway is converted for use as a First Nations community access road benefitting the entire region.

Grand Chief Martin said his personal opinion is that the proposal is a good one because there is already an idea on the table to extend a high voltage hydro transmission line from the James Bay coast on a new right of way to the Ring Of Fire. He said it would only make sense to create a right of way to serve hydro and rail service at the same time. The most important factor is that the Mushkegowuk people will have ownership of the project.

Ron Dancey, Chairman of TGR Rail Canada said “I can’t discuss amounts at the moment, but we have the funds to do whatever is required,” Dancey added. “We have the financing in place to purchase the ONR and to do the required upgrades to the ONR. We also have financing arrangements in place to extend it up to the Ring of Fire.” Dancey also confirmed that with the input and support of mining operators so far, the new railway can offer globally competitive shipping rates per tonne to the proposed new port and to existing processing facilities.


Vern Cheechoo
Director, Lands & Resources