AUDIO: NDP MP Claude Gravelle blasts Tories over Ring of Fire inaction (CBC Radio Sudbury – September 19, 2014)

Feds claim Ontario has not identified Ring of Fire mining project as a priority

Concerns about the development of the Ring of Fire are being raised in Ottawa. This week, KWG Resources announced it’s talking to Cliffs Natural Resources about the company selling its assets.

So far, Cliffs is only saying it is exploring strategic alternatives. During question period, Nickel Belt NDP MP Claude Gravelle questioned the Conservative party about the mining developme

“Northerners are fed up,” he said. “Instead of a real plan from the Liberals of Ontario, there is real trouble. Start-up is delayed, the smelter is on hold. Thousands of potential jobs are in jeopardy, but we see no leadership from the Conservatives.”

He asked what the Conservatives will now do to get the Ring of Fire file moving. “Unlocking the vast potential of the Ring of Fire will require a nation-to-nation approach and real engagement from the federal government,” Gravelle continued.

“Northern communities should not be forced to pay for the price of government’s inaction. We’re talking about good value-added jobs and economic development that would transform our region.”

The parliamentary secretary for natural resources, MP Kelly Block said the federal government welcomes the province’s interest in the Ring of Fire.

“Until recently, it had not been identified as a clear priority by the Ontario government,” she noted.

“We’ve been clear: if the province identifies the Ring of Fire as a priority, economic action plan 2013 allocates a significant infrastructure funding for this kind of legacy resource development.”

Block added the federal government has already made significant investments in the mining project.

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