NEWS RELEASE: Outokumpu’s Kemi mine celebrates 50-year anniversary

September 11, 2014 – This September it will be exactly 50 years since Outokumpu made the decision to begin mining operations in its chrome mine in Kemi, Finland. The deposit had been found five years earlier by a local diver, Martti Matilainen. The mining began in 1967, with large-scale mining operations and ferrochrome production to begin next year.

Chrome mine and ferrochrome works were the first steps in Outokumpu’s journey to become the leading stainless steel producer in the world. Today the Kemi mine employs 400 people, and on top if this the nearby ferrochrome works and stainless steel mill in Tornio employ some 2,000 people.

CEO Mika Seitovirta: “The Kemi mine is the only chrome mine in the Europen Union, and it is an essential part of the integrated production chain in the Tornio site. Chromium is what makes steel stainless, and our own chrome mine guarantees us competitive sourcing of chromium for the future. Chrome mine puts Outokumpu in a league of its own, since none of the other stainless steel producers has its own source of chromium. Therefore, the Kemi chrome mine is a unique competitive advantage for us globally.”

The operations of the Kemi mine differ from several other mines because there are enough reserves for mining for several decades. At the moment, Outokumpu mines some 2,4 million tonnes per year. Since there are proved ore reserves of 50 million tonnes and mineral reserves, not yet fully explored, estimated to be some 98 million tonnes, the continuation of the mining operations is therefore guaranteed.

The Kemi mine targets to minimize the environmental effects of its operations. The mine is surrounded by nature, and no hazardous chemicals are used in the concentration process: it is simply based on gravity. The environmental effects are continuously monitored, and in underground mining, dust emissions are minimal and metal discharges small.

The 50-year anniversary since the decision to begin mining operations is celebrated by the personnel this September.

Invitation to the press

Representatives of the press are welcome to visit the mine on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. Register for the visit by phone +358 40 767 5382 or by e-mail by Monday, September 15.

For more information:

Niina Kostiander, tel. +358 40 767 5382

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