Ontario premier talks ‘nonsense,’ say feds [about Ring of Fire] – by Daniel Proussalidis (Toronto Sun – May 18, 2014)


OTTAWA — Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford dismisses Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recent trash-talking over a lack of federal funding for northern development as “nonsense.”

Earlier this month, Wynne accused the federal government of funding hydro development in Atlantic Canada and pipeline projects in the West, but neglecting infrastructure to develop the Ring of Fire – several promising mineral projects in Northern Ontario.

Wynne’s comments came in the context of a provincial election campaign, but Rickford rejected the criticism Sunday nonetheless. “That’s nonsense,” Rickford told CTV’s Question Period. “I wish that this had not been politicized the way that it has.”

He also says the province hasn’t yet mapped out how development should proceed “in any way shape or form,” leaving the investment climate unclear for private companies.

“The good news is Build Canada fund is poised to identify and align with the provincial authorities on key infrastructure projects, things like roads and hydro corridors,” he said.

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