World top ten mining billionaires in 2013 – by Steel Guru (December 20, 2013)

Forbes has compiled a list of the world’s top 1000 billionaires, and Ferret is cutting that down to show you those in mining that made the cut for 2013.

1. (No.32 globally) Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez and family [Mexico] – USD 18.2 billion
Gonzalez owns a holding company called GroupoBAL, which amongst other things runs Penoles, which is the world’s largest producer of refined silver and bismuth, as well as Latin America’s largest producer of lead and zinc.

2. (No. 35 globally) Iris Fontbona and family [Chile] – USD 17.4 billion
Iris Fontbona is the widow of Antonio Luksic, who is the founder of the Luksic Group.

Similar to GroupoBAL, Luksic holds a number of interests in different areas, but predominantly in mining. The group has major holdings in Antofagasta, the UK listed copper miner.

3. (No. 36 globally) Georgina ‘Gina’ Rinehart [Australia] – USD 17 billion
Australia’s own Gina Rinehart graces the list early on. Gina inherited much of her wealth from her father’s company and operations through Hancock Prospecting. The company owns swathes of extremely prospective iron ore tenements throughout the Pilbara, which is now being transformed into the massive Roy Hill mine.

Rinehart also shares in the profits generated by the Hope Downs mine, and also has major stakes in the Alpha Coal and Kevin’s Corner coal project in the Galilee Basin.

4. (No. 40 globally) German Larrea Mota-Velasco & family [Mexico] – USD 16.7 billion
German Lerrea Mota-Velasco is the head of Grupo Mexico, the largest mining corporation in Mexico and the third largest copper producer in the world.

Through its subsidiary Southern Copper it has the largest copper reserves in the world.

5. (No 100 globally) Eike Batista [Brazil] – USD 10.6 billion
Batista is the chairman of the Brazilian conglomerate EBX Group, which focuses primarily on mining.

The company owns the enormous Minas Gerais iron ore mine in Brazil, which is already in production, and the Mato Grosso do Sul operation through its subsidiary MMX.

6. (No. 123 globally) Iskander Makhmudov [Russia] – USD 8.7 billion
Uzbek businessman Iksander Makhmudov is the main owner of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company.

The company is the second largest copper producer in Russia, and its main focus is a complete copper production chain, from mining to the finished goods.

(All figures in US dollars)

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