Timmins, Saskatchewan colleges sign agreement – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – December 3, 2013)

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Northern College in Timmins and Northlands College in Saskatchewan have signed an agreement to train students through the mining engineering technician program at the Haileybury School of Mines.

The new agreement is built upon an established relationship between the two colleges. Northlands has delivered the program in the past, offering enrolment once every two years. The new agreement, which will be valid for seven years, will see six consecutive intakes of first-year students.

Earlier this year, an agreement was established with Confederation College to allow graduates of Confederation’s mining techniques program to take the second year of the mining engineering technician program at Confederation.

“The fact that Haileybury School of Mines programming is being delivered by multiple colleges in both Ontario and Saskatchewan is a testament to the quality of our mining programs,” said Fred Gibbons, president of Northern College, in a news release. “The Haileybury School of Mines has set the standard for mining engineering technician education in Canada, and we’re pleased to be able to increase access to this in-demand program.”

Northern College is also working with Queen’s University in order to establish a pathway for mining engineering technician graduates to obtain a university degree.

The proposed program could allow graduates of Haileybury’s mining engineering technician program to take a bridging program, and then an additional two years of schooling in order to obtain a bachelor of technology, offered jointly by Queen’s Engineering and Northern College Haileybury School of Mines.

The program would create a pathway for students in rural and remote areas to obtain a bachelor of technology in mining engineering degree online with two-week field school components at the end of each semester.

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