CBC News Sudbury Ring of Fire Interviews With Bob Rae and Greg Rickford (November 22, 2013)


CBC News Sudbury – Points North Jason Turnbull Interview with Bob Rae

Bob Rae who has been hired by the Matawa Tribal Council to negotiate resource revenue sharing and other aggreements with the Ontario government, reflecting on Cliffs’ decision to suspend Chromite project

Late Wednesday, Cliffs announced it was stopping work on the project because of an uncertain timeline and the risks associated to infrastructure like roads.

Click here for interview: http://www.cbc.ca/pointsnorth/episodes/2013/11/22/bob-rae-reflecting-on-cliffs-decision-to-suspend-chromite-project/

CBC News Sudbury – Points North Jason Turnbull Interview with federal M.P. Greg Rickford

Greg Rickford blames premier for Cliffs’ suspension

MP Greg Rickford is responsible for economic development in Northern Ontario and he’s worried about the province’s relationships with mining companies.

Click here for interview: http://www.cbc.ca/pointsnorth/episodes/2013/11/22/greg-rickford-blames-premier-for-cliffs-suspension/