Mine has ‘must-see’ destination potential – Dave Mabell (Lethbridge Herald – November 7, 2013)


Like the Canadian Pacific viaduct, it’s one of Lethbridge’s most intriguing images. The hoist tower and tipple that remain from the Galt No. 8 coal mine have become the visible link to our gritty industrial past.

Now the long-idle mine works could become a signal for the future as well, a Lethbridge group suggests. It’s acquired an option on the minesite and it’s launching a campaign for community support.

“The Galt No. 8 historical mine has the potential to become one of Canada’s ‘must see’ tourist destinations and a hub of local activity,” says Fred Covey, speaking for the historical minesite society.

In addition to offering attractions related to its heritage value, he says, part of the 77-acre site could also become a demonstration centre for coal’s energy successors: wind, solar and geothermal power.

While the tipple tower could be refashioned into a high-visibility restaurant, he says other assets on the land could become part of an attraction which also includes historical interpretation buildings, a convention facility, a “4-D theatre” and the green energy development project.

Those interpretive initiatives would include live theatre, multi-media video presentations and hands-on demonstrations of mining trade skills.

The Galt No. 8 group would work in tandem, he says, with the Galt Museum, Lethbridge Historical Society, Fort Whoop-Up, tourism officials and other local groups to bring additional visitors to the city.

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