Tanzania: Barrick Gold – Compensation to Villagers Brings Joy -by Mugini Jacob (All Africa.com – October 18, 2013)


IT has been all smiles with the locals in the neighbourhood of North Mara Gold Mine since last week after word went around that African Barrick Gold(ABG) has released compensation amounting to 8.12 bn/-.

The villagers have been anxiously waiting for the compensation after a special task force formed by the government completed evaluation on the areas needed by the mine to expand its operations.

Paulo Ludovick is one of those who will share the spoils after accepting to sell part of his land to the ABG, the leading Tanzanian gold producer with several gold mines located in the lake zone region.

“People will pocket 8bn/-. It has never happened in a single episode, and it is just a small piece of land”, Mr Ludovick told the’ Daily News’ About 382 men and women are on the list of the ABG’s latest compensation initiative to communities living near Nyamongo area in Tarime District of Mara Region.

The compensation has been dubbed phases 33 and 26. Compensation of many phases have been done in the past and payment of other several phases are being prepared, according to a credible report from the Tarime District Council made available to the ‘Daily News’ this week.

Officials have confirmed that ABG has deposited over 8.12bn/- at the Tarime Council’s account at the National Microfinance Bank(NMB) ready for disbursement of the payment in cheques. “We call upon all eligible people to turn up and receive their payment.

They should move away thereafter to enable the mine continue with its activities,” Mr Amos Sagara, the Tarime District Council chairman told reporters. Payment was scheduled to commence on October 16, according to the top council leader.

Contrary to the previous phases, this time majority of villagers have expressed satisfaction not only on how evaluation was done but also on the compensation rates.

“Everything was done in a very transparent manner and people signed voluntarily,” Mr Ludovick said. The villagers are also happy with disbursement of the compensation money through bank, a move that has made many of them to create saving attitude as well as making good use of the money.

“This is also turning many of us into entrepreneurs. You cannot misuse money that is in bank as it is the case with cash money”, said Daniel Chacha, one of the entrepreneurs operating welding work shop in the areas near North Mara Gold Mine.

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