Cliffs appeals Ring of Fire road decision – by CBC News Thunder Bay (October 10, 2013)

KWG Resources official predicts little will come of Cliffs’ appeal over mining road decision

A spokesperson for KWG Resources says Cliffs Natural Resources is doing the prudent thing by filing notice of an appeal of a recent decision by the Ontario Mining Commissioner.

The Mining Commissioner rejected Cliffs’ bid for an easement to build a road over KWG mining claims, located in the James Bay lowlands of northern Ontario. A vice president with KWG said Cliffs had to meet a deadline to file notice of appeal, but he’s not sure it will even proceed.

“Our counsel has told us that the ruling that the commissioners wrote was very well written, and left very little room for appeal,” Moe Lavigne said. Cliffs has said previously that the decision makes it difficult to continue justifying its Black Thor mining project in the Ring of Fire.

KWG moves forward on mining plans

Cliffs confirmed Wednesday it will appeal the decision in Divisional Court, and opted not to provide further comment on the matter.

“The interpretation of the law may have significant negative ramifications for the development of mining claims,” Cliffs said in a written statement. “It is inappropriate to comment further on specifics while this matter is before the Court.”

In the meantime, Lavigne said KWG will continue with mining plans of its own.

“We now have another chromite deposit that we’re working on in the Ring of Fire,” Lavigne said.

“It will support the railroad [that the company wants to build] and we’re moving ahead with all the financing we need to get all the pieces put together.”

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