Click here for report: http://www.scribd.com/doc/168634042/Paths-to-Prosperity-A-Champion-for-Northern-Jobs-and-Resources

QUEEN’S PARK – Northern Ontario can prosper again, but only by shining a Northern lens on provincial decisions and involving Northerners in the decisions that affect us, Nipissing MPP and PC Finance Critic Vic Fedeli said today upon release of the latest Ontario PC White Paper focused on Northern Ontario.

“It’s my genuine belief our White Paper lays out a plan to do exactly that, and to restore job creation and prosperity to the North,” said Fedeli.

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak, along with Northern Development Critic Norm Miller and Natural Resources Critic Laurie Scott launched “Paths to Prosperity: A Champion for Northern Jobs and Resources” today in Thunder Bay.

The paper contains 20 specific paths dealing with everything from the Ring of Fire, Ontario Northland, forestry, the use of Crown land, and the need to have decisions that affect the North made by and for the people of Northern Ontario.

“Our White Paper recognizes Ontario Northland as vital economic infrastructure for the North, and recommends keeping the rail freight line in public hands,” Fedeli said.

“It also lays out a vision to expedite development of the Ring of Fire, which the Liberals have dragged their feet on for years now.”

This discussion paper proposes bold ideas to leverage our Northern advantages and generate feedback and discussion to help us refine our ideas to ensure Northern communities prosper. Fedeli added.

“There is no question in my mind that Northern Ontario — its people and its resources – will be the fuel that fires Ontario’s return to its rightful place as the economic engine of Confederation.”