Vale sweetens pot in push to finish Long Harbour (CBC News Newfoundland – July 24, 2013)

Vale is putting on a big push to finish the nickel processing facility in Long Harbour, pledging more cash to workers if they meet revised targets. The company says the project is 90 per cent completed, but finishing the job has been a challenge.

The processing facility is behind schedule. It was supposed to be commissioned by the end of June. The new target is Oct. 31.

Vale spokesman Bob Carter says the project has been plagued by shortages of skilled workers and absenteeism. “Resources that were here, and scheduled to be here, are now moving on to other projects,” Carter said.

Incentive offered

The company is now offering an incentive to attract and keep workers — $10 per hour more for everyone, if they hit the revised completion target.

“If we can move our schedule forward and get this first phase finished before the end of October, it will be beneficial to us overall,” Carter said.

If that’s not enough, the company says it may be forced to bring workers in from other countries like Ireland and the United States.

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