Ontario’s finances in a mess thanks to Liberals’ make-believe budgets – by Christina Blizzard (Toronto Sun – May 3, 2013)


“Let’s point the finger directly at the two real culprits — former premier Dalton McGuinty
and former finance minister Dwight Duncan…. The damage they did to the economy of this
once-great province will live in infamy. Your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s
grandchildren will still be paying for their massive incompetence.” (Christina Blizzard)

TORONTO – Cost of cancelling two gas-fired power plants? $585 million. Cost of sucking up to the NDP?  Billions. Price of keeping this arrogant, incompetent, deceitful, wasteful Liberal government in power? Endless — and pointless.

Trouble is MasterCard expects you to pay your bills. Being a Liberal means never saying you’re sorry — and never paying your debts.

These Liberals just keep racking up more debt and driving this province into an abyss that will make Greece look like a well-managed paradise.

Make no mistake. Thursday’s budget wasn’t about fiscal responsibility or a prosperous Ontario. It was about keeping a shamelessly inept government in power.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa’s first budget was a total capitulation to outrageous NDP demands to meddle dangerously in the auto insurance industry — by forcing private companies to reduce premiums 15%. Liberals also pledged to hike welfare rates and to throw more money at home care.

All laudable — but we can’t afford them. Well, we could afford them, but this dreadful government has poured so much cash down the drain, we’re actually celebrating a $10 billion deficit. Oops make that $9.8 billion — down from the $14.8 billion they’d predicted.

In what world is that a good thing? Read the fine details. We’re drowning debt.

As of March 31, the province’s total debt was a staggering $281 billion. That’s up an equally staggering $24 billion from last year. That was a $3 billion increase over the projection. And they used that money to finance the debt servicing. More sleight of hand. More Liberal subterfuge.

And next year’s deficit projection is more than this year’s — $11.7 billion.

Their figures are based on impossible projections. But these duplicitous Liberals smile and tell us they’re producing a budget for a “fair and prosperous” Ontario?

Give me a break.

I don’t blame Sousa. I don’t even blame Premier Kathleen Wynne. Let’s point the finger directly at the two real culprits — former premier Dalton McGuinty and former finance minister Dwight Duncan.

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