QUEEN’S PARK – The Premier has confirmed in writing that the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals plan to continue their fire sale of Ontario Northland, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

In a letter to Fedeli dated March 14, 2013, Wynne writes “the ONTC divestment process will continue.”

“Despite the fact I have shown the government that there are no savings to be realized through their fire sale, and despite having the New Deal alternative on the table, the Liberals plan to forge ahead with their fire sale,” Fedeli said.

The letter also contains other signals that Ontario Northland is not a priority for the Liberals.

“The Premier mentions a pan-Northern and rural transportation strategy, but doesn’t specify that Ontario Northland will be part of that,” Fedeli said.

“She also indicates plans to push forward with the Liberals’ Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, which has never included the ONTC,” Fedeli added.

“The Liberals are once again prepared to say one thing to Northerners, and then do another. They’re not fooling anyone.”

Fedeli reiterated the Ontario PC party is committed to keeping Ontario Northland’s rail freight division in public hands, and to perform a Strategic Asset Review on other ONTC assets.

“The New Deal would accomplish this. The ONTC should play a vital role in helping develop the Ring of Fire, and the best way to move ore is by rail.”

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