NEWS RELEASE: Report: NWT Diamond Mining Benefits Continue to Mount

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Yellowknife, NWT (March 13, 2013)Diamond mining benefits to the North continue to accumulate according to a report released by the Chamber of Mines. “Measuring Success: The Positive Impact of Diamond Mining in the Northwest Territories” describes a variety of benefits provided by the three NWT diamond mines – EKATI, Diavik and Snap Lake. These benefits include:

• Training: $11.4 million in cash and in-kind investments were invested with the NWT Mine Training Society between 2004 and 2012 to provide training to 1,400 northern residents, supporting a new generation of millwrights, electricians, mechanics, underground miners, process plant operators, and providing a base of skilled Northerners. The vast majority of these trainees are Aboriginal. The 3 mines recently committed an additional $6.6 million in financial
and in-kind support over the next 3 years to the Society.

• Jobs: Collectively, EKATI, Diavik, and the Snap Lake Mine are employing significantly more northerners than the companies had predicted. In 2011, the mines provided 1,541 northern jobs, or 403 more jobs than were predicted during the mines’ environmental assessments.

• Business spending: Combined, the three mines spent $12.8 billion from 1996-2011 to build and operate the mines. Of this, $9.25 billion (72%) was with northern companies, including over $4 billion with Aboriginal companies.

• Social Investment: Over $100million was contributed to communities to help upgrade infrastructure, fund social programs, supportschools and health care, build recreation facilities, provide education and training opportunities, fund sports teams, and support cultural activities.Scholarship support is in the millions, with over $300,000 to support students in 2012.

The mines continue to operate to the highest of safety standards, and under a variety of international certifications, including ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems, ISO 9001 for Quality Management, and ISO 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

The history of the diamond industry in the Northwest Territories has been a positive one. In less than a generation, the diamond mines have trained thousands of NWT residents in skills that will carry them through long and productive careers in mining or other industries; spent billions of dollars with NWT companies which has enabled northern businessesto build a strong foundation to compete on a national and international level; and contributed substantial amounts to support the social and cultural well-being of people living in communities close by, from literacy and training, to recreation and health facilities, and social initiatives.

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