MUNICIPALITY OF GREENSTONE MEDIA ADVISORY: Northwest Kick Start plan featured at the Ontario Waterpower Conference in Niagara-on-the Lake

What: Northwest Kick Start plan featured at the Ontario Waterpower Association’s Power of Water Canada Conference in Niagara-on-the Lake, October 23, 2012.

Background: The Northwest Kick Start plan, unveiled by the Municipality of Greenstone on September 20, 2011, continues to influence the evolution of electricity-related planning in Northwest Ontario.

Today’s presentation at the Power of Water Canada Conference by Larry Doran, one of the plan’s authors, occurred at the same time as the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) outlined its current thinking on energy and transmission planning in the Region.

The Northwest Kick Start plan was conceived to show it was possible to provide a cost-effective power supply to a refinery for the Ring of Fire minerals in Greenstone. However, it evolved into a visionary power system enhancement plan, demonstrating region-wide benefits by facilitating a number of other longer term economic development and power system objectives, namely:

• Providing a grid connection to a number of First Nation communities currently supplied solely by diesel generation;
• Enabling the development of significant new renewable (e.g. hydroelectric, wind) and clean (e.g. natural gas) energy generation in Northwestern Ontario;
• Facilitating the cost-effective development of natural resources in the area (e.g. Goldcorp Musselwhite); and
• Improving both the reliability and capacity of the overall bulk electrical transmission system in Northwestern Ontario.

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See below for map presented by the Ontario Power Authority at the Ontario Waterpower Association conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake, October 23, 2012:


Links to Northwest Kick Start plan:—A-vision-for-the-successful-supply-of-en/2349.html–Energy-Supply-Related-to-Exton-Ferrochrome-Re/2348.html

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Greenstone (Canada 2006 Census population 4,906) stretches 200km along TransCanada Highway 11 from Lake Nipigon to Longlac. It is one of the largest incorporated municipalities in Canada. Formed in 2001, it combined the Townships of Beardmore and Nakina, the Towns of Geraldton and Longlac with large unincorporated portions of Crown Land covering an area in excess of 3,000

The Ring of Fire is the area in the James Bay Lowlands in Northern Ontario, currently the site of major mining exploration projects (over 30,000 claims have been staked). It has the potential to be the most significant mineral development in Ontario in over a century. It is centered on McFaulds Lake, 286 km from Greenstone on First Nation traditional lands.