For Immediate Release

SUDBURY, September 20, 2012 – Vale is marking a major milestone on its $2-billion “Clean AER Project”, with the delivery of the first converter to be installed in its smelter converter aisle. The new converter is the first of four converters to be replaced as part of the project.

“The delivery of this first converter is a major step in achieving our emissions reductions and is a tangible example that we are on our way to successfully completing this project,” said Dave Stefanuto, Director of the Clean AER Project.

The Clean AER Project, where AER stands for ‘Atmospheric Emissions Reduction’, is one of the largest single environmental investments in Ontario’s history. It will see sulphur dioxide emissions at Vale’s smelter in Sudbury reduced by 70% from current levels, as well as dust and metals emissions reduced a further 35 to 40%.

The project involves a complete retrofit of the converter aisle in the Copper Cliff smelter. Sulphur dioxide that currently goes up the super stack from the converters will be captured in a brand new wet gas cleaning plant and acid plant, converted to sulphuric acid and sold.

The wide-load delivery of the first converter to Vale’s smelter gate will take place between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm on this evening. The converter will be delivered from Anmar, on 199 Mumford Road in Lively.

From Anmar, the route of the delivery is as follows:
-199 Mumford Road to Regional Road 55 East
-Regional Road 55 to Fielding Road
-Fielding Road to Power Street (via Vale private property)
-Regional Road 55 to Benjafield Road to Vale’s Smelter Gate

Due to the size of the load, the Greater Sudbury Regional Police will provide an escort for the delivery.  As the width of the load will occupy two lanes, it is expected that traffic will be temporarily delayed during the delivery period.

“Vale wishes to inform the public that there may be short-term inconveniences to drivers along this route,” added Stefanuto. “The public is asked to consider alternative routes to get to their destinations as we do our best to minimize any inconvenience during this brief time.”


Angie Robson
Manager, Corporate Affairs
Vale, Ontario Operations
(705) 682-5202