Tar and feathers suitable for [Ontario] premier and minister – by Mac Dysart (Timmins Daily Press – September 7, 2012)

 The Daily Press is the city of Timmins broadsheet newspaper.

TIMMINS – If these were the days of the old western frontier, these men, after being rounded up by the posse, would probably have been dealt the most severe consequences of the old western judicial system for their complete disregard, humiliation and disrespect to country and fellow man. I am speaking of no one other than Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Northern Development and Mines, and Dalton McGuilty. (excuse the pun in spelling.)
Have we ever received a grant or a visit from Bart? Not that I know of! Have we ever seen McGuilty here? No!
These two men alone, especially Bart, a supposedly true northerner, since being appointed to this post by Dalton McGuilty, are doing more to ruin the structure of Northern Ontario than anyone in our history, and should and must, stand responsible for their actions of dissembling the Northeast Corridor of this province.
(Dr. David Suzuki fits into this category also, with his environmental issues, but that’s another story.) These actions should be declared an act against humanity, of which everyone must be held accountable, and these two are no exception to the rule.
The most eastern section of the North, including the Ontario Northland Railroad corridor, the very spinal system of the great North, does not fit into their vision as part of what we calls the North. To Bart, anything east of Sudbury, mostly represented by the NDP, may as well be part of a foreign country and are treated like imbeciles and outsiders, not capable of making decisions of our own that affect our lives and livelihood.
Examples of this are quite obvious as on nearly every trip back to his beloved Sudbury, he opens his pockets with grants of riches of yours and mine, and doles it out to any lame brain idea that pops up, from art culture, movie makers, studios — you name it. He has donated not thousands, but millions to his home town. In one year this man has given more of our cash away than what would sustain the ONR for a year on government subsides. But he does not see it this way, he blatantly says helping the ONR is a waste of money!
And now that the smelter complex for The Ring of Fire — the largest ore body in America, if not the world — has been designated to his backyard, is there a hidden agenda that once the O.N.R. is disseminated beyond recognition, a card up the sleeve of these two sneaky culprits will inform us that a new rail line direct from the Ring of Fire to Capreol is in the books, to replace the longer, roundabout route the ONR would have taken to deliver the ore.
There has to be some sadistic reason for this, as it would not be an economical, or feasible venture, and would be insane, to truck all the ore by road on large trucks this great of a distance. Mark my word, there is some macabre, unexplained, reason behind their destruction of our railroad that was so instrumental in building this Great North.
Bart speaks with a forked tongue, and is brainwashed with the McGuilty doctrinism, who will not meet. listen to reason. refusing to discuss this important crises that is so important and affects all Northerners. He’s about as low as they come, when saying he is an advocate of the North and should, in my opinion, be tarred and feathered, and branded a traitor.
To put himself into more hot water, I just read in The Daily Press that he is developing a new agency, the Northern Policy Institute, to find the needs of the North. Well, let me tell you Bart, all we need is to get rid you and McGuilty before you two cause further destruction.
Can you read the plain writing on the wall or do you need a painting done? And Bart, just to inform you, there is a “Higher Authority” looking after the destiny of people’s lives, much higher, than both you and McGuilty think you are.
Because the North is predominately NDP, who do not uphold and refuse to accept the beliefs of the Dalton Gang, does not give you reason to hold the rest of the people of Northern Ontario hostage in such a disgraceful, disgusting manner.
I’m of the opinion that Bartolucci has taken this on as a seemingly personal vendetta, and putting all politics aside, must be held responsible and accountable for these actions.
McGuilty should not get off scot free either for using henchmen in this fashion, both should be blindfolded and led away to the old oak tree, to be dealt justice in the manner, of which the old western vigilantes were famous for. And the sooner, the better!
As an afterthought, I wonder what our forefathers, who toiled, slaved, and worked so hard to make this North a great place to live in, would have carved on both their tombstones?
Mac Dysart,
South Porcupine

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