Xstrata extends life of Kidd Mine – by Ron Grech (Timmins Daily Press – August 8, 2012)

The Daily Press is the city of Timmins broadsheet newspaper.

TIMMINS – Xstrata Copper has added another three more years of mine life to its Kidd Operation. The mine was targeted to close by 2017. However, Carole Belanger, communications and community relations co-ordinator for the Kidd Operations, said they are now looking at continuing until 2020.
The mine has been able to achieve this by making better use of the “sub-economic” mineralized rock, which it has a vast amount of.
Belanger said the good news was shared with staff very recently. In the meantime, there has been a hike in activity at the Xstrata metallurgical site despite the fact the smelter there has been shut down since May 2010. Belanger said the company has invested $40 million in a two-phase reclamation project, which is currently underway at the site.
The first phase, which began February 2011 and has since been completed, saw the demolition and removal of 36 buildings or structures that were connected with the smelter operation. 
“The decision to dismantle infrastructure was based on a number of factors,” said Belanger.
“Empty buildings cause safety concerns such as those relating to snow accumulation and deterioration. Some of the buildings relied on the heat generated from the smelting process. Without the process, they would not be heated and would deteriorate.”
Another incentive to removing the idled buildings was that it would lead to a reduced assessment value and lower property taxes.
“Phase 2 is currently underway and that involves the closing of the jarosite pond” which is a holding pond for a waste byproduct of the smelting process.
The existing Jarosite Pond Facility is 50 hectares and consists of the jarosite pond and neutralization pond.
Belanger said Phase 2 of the reclamation process began in April and expected to finish in mid November. These include the removal of impacted soil surrounding the jarosite pond area. This soil will be disposed of on-site. The excavated area will then be refilled with topsoil to encourage the growth of vegetation.

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