Sudbury mine life could be extended by ‘hundreds more years’ – CBC Radio Sudbury (June 11, 2012)
International mining conference focuses on mass mining techniques

A different style of mining could extend the life of nickel and copper mines in Sudbury — and companies are talking about it at a conference in the city this week. Mass mining is a method of extraction that accesses low grade ore directly below an open pit mine.

Greg Baiden, one of the conference organizers, said mass mining is cheaper than going underground and requires a much smaller workforce. It also extends the life of an existing open pit mine — something that’s definitely appealing to cost-conscious companies.
“It could make a huge difference,” Baiden said. “You know, you could be mining in Sudbury for hundreds more years with all the ore — all the stuff that’s currently not ore, that’s up there that’s low grade.”
The conference, considered one of the premier mining conferences in the international mining community, only takes place every four years. It is taking place at Laurentian University this week.
“The winning of this [conference] is a little like winning an Olympic bid,” Baiden said.

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