Ontario PCs slam Bisson for not defeating the Far North Act – By Ontario Progressive Conservative new release (Timmins Times – March 27, 2012)


PC Norm Miller said Bisson’s vote could have made the difference

While Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson is angry at the decision to sell off Ontario Northland, the PC Party is just as angry with Bisson for not voting to shut down the controversial Far North Act.

The move to repeal the Far North Act was put forward last week by Progressive Conservative MPP Norm Miller (Parry Sound-Muskoka), who argued the act is damaging to the North and goes against what most Northerners want.

“This is just another example of bad public policy rammed through by Mr. McGuinty without consultation or accountability to First Nations, municipalities and businesses whose lives and livelihoods have been changed – for the worse.”

Miller’s bill went to the legislature on March 22nd but the Liberals were joined by New Democrats in defeating the second reading of the bill with a vote of 50 to 36.

Miller has singled out Bisson for having what Miller said could have been a deciding vote in a one-seat majority legislature.

“In this time of global economic uncertainty, massive provincial deficits and fears about significant cutbacks to unsustainable social programs and services, the McGuinty government has clearly demonstrated that they prefer to cave in to pressure from special interest groups rather than provide leadership that will lead to real economic opportunity, growth and a better life for Northerners and all of the people of Ontario,” said Miller in a PC news release.

In 2011, Gilles Bisson campaigned to repeal the Far North Act. However, when presented with the opportunity, Bisson proved just like McGuinty that his loyalties lie with his party and Southern Ontario environmentalists said the PC release.

Ironically, Bisson recently said the following when speaking about his friend Dalton McGuinty: “This is another example of an arrogant and out-of-touch government that says one thing before an election and does the opposite.” (Gilles Bisson Press Release, March 23, 2012). Considering that Gilles Bisson himself campaigned to repeal the Far North Act only to vote in support of it when presented the opportunity, he proved that Dalton McGuinty isn’t the only one who will say one thing to get elected and do the opposite once in office.

Despite strong, well rationalized concerns presented to the NDP and the Liberals, the Far North Act became law in Ontario almost a year ago with Northern Chambers of Commerce, Mayors,

Aboriginal Communities and businesses protesting and urging more consultation and a study of socio-economic impacts. The Far North Act leaves the future of impoverished communities in the hands of Southern Ontario bureaucrats and environmentalists who will likely never set foot in the Far North, to determine which areas would become protected with little or no consultation in the North.

It’s time to tell Gilles Bisson and Dalton McGuinty that our natural resources are more than just a neat exhibit in a museum – they represent our livelihood said the PC news release.