NEWS RELEASE: Diavik [diamond mine] begins wind farm construction

03 November 2011

After several years of studying renewable energy resources, Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., operator of the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories, is pleased to announce the start of construction of a wind farm at our mine site.

With investment from our joint venture partners, Rio Tinto and Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, approved earlier this year, and much planning completed, we have now advanced the Diavik wind farm to initial construction. Four 2.3 megawatt turbines will be constructed providing a capacity of 9.2 megawatts.

Diavik currently, relies on diesel fuel for all our energy needs. The wind farm will reduce our diesel use by approximately four million litres, about ten per cent of our total diesel consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by approximately 12,000 tonnes, or six per cent of total emissions. By diversifying our energy mix at our mine we will offset some of the risks associated with reliance on diesel.

“The benefits of the initiative are numerous and will be realized for many years to come.  Diversifying our energy portfolio reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and our reliance on diesel fuel,” said Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. Acting President and Chief Operating officer Alasdair Martin.

“We are optimistic that the innovations, experience, and knowledge gained from our wind farm will be able to be shared with others in the North,” he added.

Under the current plan, construction and commissioning of Diavik’s wind farm, located on East Island at Lac de Gras, is expected to be completed next year. Once operational, it will be the first large-scale wind farm in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

The Diavik Diamond Mine, located 300 kms northeast of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is an unincorporated joint venture between DDMI (60%) and Harry Winston Diamond Limited Partnership (40%).

Both companies are headquartered in Yellowknife, Canada. DDMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto plc of London, England, and Harry Winston Diamond Limited Partnership is owned by Harry Winston Diamond Corporation of Toronto, Canada.

For further information contact Doug Ashbury, Adviser, Communications at Tel: (867) 669-6500, or visit the DDMI web site at