NEWS RELEASE: Australian-based Mining IQ puts on Top 10 Mining Blog list

News Release

October 13, 2011

Toronto – Australian-based Mining IQ, a mining guide and international learning and communications portal, has put on its list of Top 10 Mining Blogs, one of only two Canadian sites to be included.

Mining IQ says, “This blog [] aims to build awareness among the media, the general public and political decision makers about the economic and social benefits of sustainable mining practices in the 21st Century. It has a really admirable mission statement and it rings true with the content on the site.”

RepublicOfMining owner/blogger Stan Sudol says, “My Blog has been on the Web for almost four years and I am incredibly honoured to be recognized half-way around the world by Australian-based Mining IQ, located in one of the great mining nations on the planet. It shows the enormous global impact that Blogs have in their ability to communicate important and balanced information about a much maligned industry.”

Mining IQ continues, “We especially like the variety of categories available on the site with commentary from aboriginal mining to mining education and from women in mining through to green mining. Stan Sudol has hit the nail on the head with his enlightened approach.”

Blog’s are “Google-friendly” for information searches and an excellent venue to communicate with the “digitial” generation who frequently look to the Web for much of their information. The environmental movement has been very effective in diseminating their views on the Internet. The mineral industry’s social license to operate is being challenged throughout the world, even in mine friendly jurisdictions like Canada and Australia.

The Blog focusses primarily about the historical, political, and economic aspects of the mining sector, as well as its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The Blog also highlights the enormous environmental opposition to resource development. There are many postings of critical articles about the mining sector giving the industry an accurate perspective of its current public image. Part of the Blog’s popularity is that it provides ample context to complex issues through a wide variety of commentary.

The Canadian Business Ethics Research Network recently stated that is “The ultimate mining database!” It continues, “A new blog is fast becoming a go-to resource for professionals and academics involved in the mining and resource extraction industries…. Republic of Mining has in fact become a large, well-research repository for articles and information about Aboriginal mining issues within Canada and abroad.”

Dick DeStefano, Executive Director of the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association(SAMSSA) says, “ is an excellent resource for our mining supply and service technology clients and the historical profiles and latest information is an important asset in gathering intelligence on all facets of mining globally. Should be read by anyone in the mining business. Stan Sudol has done and is doing an admirable job in keeping us informed. I am pleased that his work is being recognized globally.”

Postings include mining articles, columns and speeches conveniently indexed for quick referal. There are postings every business day and often on weekends linking viewers to the most important mainstream media coverage on the industry. It is considered the largest digital database of articles and other information on the Ontario Ring of Fire mining camp. RepublicOfMining also has a large selection of historic articles and profiles about the Canadian mining industry including magazine articles from the 1930s to 1970s.

Stan Sudol says, “It is estimated that about $50 million a year is funneled into Canadian environmental groups and NGOs to stop resource projects. There is an “information war” on the web and in the media between environmental NGOs and the mining sector. is trying to ensure that clear and accurate facts about the mineral industry are available on the web, the first source that media, businesses, politicians, and the general public and students go to for their information.”

The other Canadian mining blog is by Vancouver-based Jack Caldwell.

For the entire top 10 mining blog list:

Stan Sudol
Communications Consultant
Mining Columnist and Blogger