Thursday, 22 September 2011

Vancouver –The Mining Association of BC commends the provincial government’s Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan released today. 

Of particular importance to the BC mining sector, the BC jobs Plan proposes a commitment of almost $24 million to natural resource ministries with a goal of reducing the time it takes to get decisions on approvals and permits. The Premier emphasized that this plan could be implemented without compromising BC’s strict environmental standards.

The plan also promises that, in collaboration with the private sector, BC will see eight new mines in operation; nine upgrades and expansions to currently operating mines; and, mining permit backlog (Notices of Work) will be reduced by 80 percent within twelve months noting that once the backlog is dealt with, there will be a new sixty day turnaround to process Notices of Work for mines.

 “The mining industry is very encouraged to see government investing in its internal resources which allow private sector economic activity to occur,” said John McManus, Chair of the Mining Association of BC.  “The ability for government to provide vigorous and rigorous permitting and project approval processes leads to the timely creation of jobs, which in turn, builds healthier communities and creates the revenue which government can use to provide much needed services, including protection of the environment.”

Mining contributes close to $8 billion annually in gross revenues  and employs over 8,000 people directly in high paying, highly skilled jobs.  BC’s mining sector has the potential to see tremendous growth with new mines under construction and many more projects under development right behind. 

The mining industry views the BC Jobs Plan as a positive step forward in improving the investment climate for building of new mines in BC resulting in creation of thousands of new jobs in all regions of the province.  Industry is committed to continued dialogue and collaboration with the Province to implement the changes outlined in the BC Jobs Plan.

MABC represents companies involved in the exploration and development, mining and smelting of minerals, metals, coal and industrial minerals in British Columbia. It is regarded as the predominant voice of mining in the province.

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