NEWS RELEASE: Building A Stronger Northern Economy: McGuinty Government Delivers Growth Plan For The North

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NEWS March 4, 2011

The 25-year Growth Plan for Northern Ontario will help create a stronger, more diverse and sustainable Northern economy.

This robust plan was developed with northerners for northerners. It will guide decisionmaking and investment planning in the region. To move the plan forward, the government will immediately:

  • Establish a Northern Policy Institute. The institute will play a key role in implementing and monitoring the growth plan
  • Develop a long-term strategy to create a more integrated transportation infrastructure system for air, rail, road and water.
  • Bring together northern community and business leaders to support regional economic planning, business innovation and entrepreneurship. This will help retain and attract investment in the North.

The growth plan is an important part of the province’s Open Ontario Plan. It will help attract people and investments to the region, support training, education and employment opportunities, create a highly qualified workforce and position the northern economy to compete on a global scale.


“We’ve harnessed the resourcefulness and the entrepreneurial spirit of northerners to develop a Growth Plan for Northern Ontario that will help make the northern economy innovative, robust and competitive.” Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry

“This growth plan will guide our government and future governments’ decision making and investments across Northern Ontario over the next 25 years. This plan builds upon substantial investments that our government has already made in Northern Ontario which supports a skilled workforce, worldclass resources, leadingedge technology and modern infrastructure.” Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure

“The ambitious vision of the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario will be achieved through the collective efforts of all northern partners interested in thriving and competing in the global economy.” Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, MPP Sudbury

“This plan is built on the input and ideas of northerners themselves, and it will help ensure the development of northern communities as places where people will want to live, work and play for future generations.” Bill Mauro, MPP Thunder BayAtikokan


  • The province will invest $5 million through theNorthern Ontario Heritage Fund to support the development of the Northern Policy Institute and $2.2 million to support the new multimodal transportation strategy.
  • The final growth plan reflects input from more than 1,400 northerners, and close to 300 written submissions. § Northern Ontario covers 800,000 square kilometres, or close to 90 per cent of the province’s land base — an area larger than most Canadian provinces.
  • The plan will also support education and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people – Northern Ontario is home to 40 per cent of Ontario’s Aboriginal population and approximately 24 per cent of Ontario’s Francophone population.
  • Northernbased mining, forestry, tourism and agriculture industries contribute more than $23 billion annually to Ontario’s economy.

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