Report from the Ontario Prospectors Association – by Gary Clark

Garry Clark is the Executive Director of the Ontario Prospectors Association. This report is from the Fall/Winter edition of The Ontario Prospector magazine published by Naylor (Canada) Inc.

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Exploration in Ontario continues strong. The projects are varied and seem to be taking a lead role in moving the economy. Commodity and stock prices are staying strong.

Exploration areas that have captured the attention of investors include but are not limited to the Ring of Fire, Timmins, Beardmore-Geraldton, Sudbury, Rainy River, Atikokan and Kirkland Lake. Speaking with explorationists, there are numerous projects with multiple diamond drills working. The constant call to the OPA has been is looking for geologists to work on the various projects.

The Ring of Fire has captured the attention of Queens Park and the early spring budget focused on the economic importance of this exploration play on the entire province. The Ontario Geological Survey is completing various projects to help explorers in the region, and the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry is creating a new position to help move the  project along. Chromite was not really a targeted commodity 10 years ago in Canada, let alone North America.

The work of the geologists in the area identified the potential of the area while drilling for Copper-Nickel. The First Nations leaders in the area have been working on a steep learning curve to identify the effects and potential for their communities. If the Ring of Fire project continues in the same direction it will be one of the largest industrial developments since the development of the Steep Rock iron deposits. Ideas of railway access, developing projects in low swampy lands and the potential location of a chromite processing plant have community leaders and developers across the north of Ontario scrambling to align for the potential economic stimulus.

Amongst all this exploration in the province the Ontario government is grappling with an Amended Mining Act and proposed legislation to implement Far North Planning. The OPA and the regional associations are engaged in helping the government compose new Regulation for the Mining Act. Please get involved in the development of these regulations as they need to be completed correctly allowing continued exploration.