Doug Morrison Joins CEMI Team to Help Expand Organization’s Mandate for Mining Innovation

The Sudbury-based Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) conducts research and development for the mining sector. CEMI strives to establish excellence in strategic areas of research such as deep mining, mineral exploration, integrated mine engineering, environmental and sustainability as highlighted in the 2009 Annual Report ( CEMI is becoming an international centre for world-class, industry-focused research and innovation, advancing state-of-the-art concepts, processes and methodologies in support of the regional, national and international exploration and mining industries, and providers of mining services and supplies.

Sudbury, ON – On September 8, 2010, the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), held its third Annual General Meeting (AGM) which highlighted the significant progress made by the organization in advancing mineral exploration and mining-related research during the past year. CEMI proudly announced that mining veteran, Doug Morrison will be joining the CEMI team as the Deputy Director. Mr. Morrison will begin his duties on November 1st, 2010.

As Deputy Director, one of Mr. Morrison’s objectives will be to build stronger relationships and effective collaboration among Ontario’s mining Research & Development (R&D) agencies, and from there, with national and international organizations. Over the years, he has worked with Canadian industry, academic and government research institutions, including CAMIRO, MIRARCO, and CEMI, to deliver innovation to the mining industry, and it is anticipated this will enable CEMI to expand the range of technical issues supported through R&D.

Mr. Morrison has 15 years experience in underground mine operations, and 15 years working as a consultant, including four years as global mining leader for Golder Associates, bringing international experience and a broad understanding of all of the issues confronting the industry globally.

In this leadership role, Mr. Morrison will work directly with the President and R&D Program Directors to continue to grow and develop global recognition of Canada’s innovative research capacity; engage high quality research collaborators to establish linkages through joint projects; work with industry, academic institutions, and government on developing cohesive partnerships; and aid in establishing strong linkages in support of the commercialization of innovation in Northern Ontario and beyond.

During CEMI’s AGM, Mr. Morrison spoke to the future development in the mining industry, “While geotechnical and productivity issues are the constant concern of individual mines, the most challenging issues facing the industry as a whole are the social and environmental impact of mining operations. The management of tailings, waste rock and waste water will undergo significant change as the availability of water declines and the cost of accessing water escalates. Community consultation, social impact studies, protecting the social fabric and enhancing local infrastructure of rural and traditional communities close to mines are crucially important aspects of responsible mining operations.”

Dr. Peter K. Kaiser, President/CEO of CEMI remarked, “Recognizing the importance of collaborating within the mining industry to further Canada’s research efforts is just one of the many reasons why Mr. Morrison was selected as Deputy Director for CEMI. Through networked solution teams comprising industry, academics, government, consultants, and many others, CEMI strives to meet the ever-growing needs of the mining industry to mine more efficiently and safely. Mr. Morrison’s experience and knowledge has demonstrated a clear understanding of the importance of social license to operate, sustainability, community consultation, the impact of climate change, and the critical role played by the mining industry.”

To review CEMI’s 2010 Annual Report highlighting the achievements and collaborators, please visit our website at

The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), located in Sudbury, Ontario, is continuing its R&D efforts to facilitate the delivery of step-change research initiatives which are deemed critically important to the mining industry. It strives to establish excellence in strategic areas of research: deep mining, mineral exploration, integrated mine engineering, environment and sustainability.

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