Institute of Northern Ontario Research and Development (INORD)

The Institute of Northern Ontario Research and Development (INORD) was established in 1986 by Laurentian University to promote research in the social sciences and related disciplines on a broad range of issues facing Northern Ontario. It has become a “think-tank” for Northern Ontario issues.

The Institute has three main activities:

1. INORD Facilitates independent academic research by Laurentian faculty. INORD has assisted with funding proposals, helped to organize project teams, provided secretarial and administrative support, arranged for publication, and when funds were available, distributed research funds.

2. INORD acts as Laurentian University’s point of contact for those from outside the university seeking special research expertise. To give an actual example, a far Northern Ontario Aboriginal band council which needs a community development study may ask us for assistance. INORD’s role is to identify the university’s research potential in the area, put together an appropriate research team, work out the details of the contractual agreement and provide the necessary supervisory and administrative infrastructure for the project.

3. INORD actively promotes the study of Northern Ontario. Typically the Director promotes research on issues he or she believes deserve attention, organizes conferences.

The Institute is headed by a Director, currently Dr. Derek Wilkinson, selected by the INORD Council, which has representatives appointed by University departments engaged in social scientific research related to Northern Ontario. There are representatives from Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology and the Faculty of Commerce.

INORD is committed to developing the knowledge and capacities needed to create a dynamic, diversified and sustainable economy and society in Northern Ontario that is known for its artistic and intellectual contributions to the world, that holds its people and develops their capacities to the fullest, and that attracts talent from around the world.