Profile of Chief Blogger Stan Sudol

Stan Sudol is a self-described “Inco Brat.” He was born in Sudbury, Canada, the richest mining district in North America and among the top ten most significant globally. Sudol grew up in Sudbury during the 1960s and 1970s, where his father and most of his neighbours worked for Inco Limited (now Vale Inco).

Sudol worked for Inco’s Clarabell Mill for one year during 1976/77 and underground at the the company’s Frood-Stobie mine in the summer of 1980. The hard-rock mining culture of the Sudbury Basin has left a tremendously positive impact on him.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Sudol works as a communications consultant, executive speech writer and policy analyst. He has been writing a mining column for the past four years that currently appears in Sudbury’s Northern Life newspaper. Articles and columns have been published in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post and regional papers and magazines.

Sudol has been interviewed on CBC Radio, CHML, Radio-Canada and the natural resources television station IDNR-TV. His columns have also been posted on Australian and British websites.